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Are The Results Of Pico Genesis Permanent?

Are the Results of PICO Genesis Permanent?

Laser treatments are sometimes considered a dime a dozen, but the truth is that some laser treatments are more impressive than others. If you are looking for a treatment that addresses virtually all superficial concerns without harming the surface of the skin, then a laser treatment like PICO Genesis may be an ideal option for you. At Princeton Aesthetics in Princeton Junction, NJ, we know that PICO treatments can help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals.

Are the Results of PICO Genesis Permanent?

The most common question patients have about this laser system is whether or not the results are permanent. The important thing to remember about PICO Genesis is that the results are gradual and cumulative, so the more treatments you have, the better and longer-lasting your results will be. In other words, to secure “permanent” results, you will need to maintain the results with repeated treatments.

Of course, the longevity of your results will depend on the type of skin concerns that are being treated. Treating pigmented lesions or skin conditions like rosacea can only produce temporary results that last for six to 12 months before fading. This is because skin cells themselves are more vulnerable to pigment changes. The same is true for age-related concerns like fine lines and wrinkles.

Why Scar Removal Results May Be Permanent

That said, some skin conditions can be treated permanently with this laser system. For example, the treatment of scars can be removed entirely or significantly reduced permanently. Some types of acne and other scars can have permanent results because of collagen restructuring.

When collagen is fully reformed, it leaves the skin smooth and evenly textured for several years. Your provider will be able to tell you whether or not your scars can be permanently removed.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Will You Need Follow-Up Appointments?

The best way to maintain the results of your laser treatment is to refresh your skin with annual appointments. Most patients have touch-up treatments with this laser system about once or twice a year based on the skin concern they are treating. For pigmented concerns, you may need treatments as often as six months; for textural concerns like skin laxity and fine lines, you may need maintenance appointments once every year.

2. How Soon Will You See Results?

Most patients will require at least one to two initial treatments to see any significant results with the PICO Genesis treatment. You may need more treatments if your superficial skin concerns are moderate or persistent, such as for the treatment of rosacea. Your appointments will generally be spaced two to four weeks apart to allow for adequate skin healing between treatments.

You will be able to see the results of your treatment a few weeks after your first or second appointment. The results of your treatment will continue to improve as cellular turnover accelerates and as collagen formation matures in the skin. You may not see optimal results from your treatment until at least four weeks after your last appointment.

3. How Does This Treatment Work?

PICO Genesis is a non-ablative laser treatment, which means it utilizes the power of thermal energy to restructure and restore the appearance of the skin. Generally, most of the thermal energy is geared toward stimulating fresh collagen production beneath the skin to plump the appearance of the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and constrict blood vessels to improve the appearance of skin inflammation or discoloration.

The thermal energy generated by this laser system will also accelerate the cellular turnover cycle. By turning over new skin cells, the tone of your skin will improve. Pigmented lesions like melasma or sun damage are also reduced by this treatment because the laser system breaks apart pigment in affected skin cells.

4. What Can Laser Genesis Treat?

This PICO laser system is well-known for its ability to treat a wide variety of aesthetic concerns. Generally, the goal of this treatment is to reduce superficial concerns or appearance-related issues that occur mainly on the surface level of the skin. Some concerns that can be treated with this laser system include:

  • Rosacea
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin laxity
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scars
  • Rough skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Broken capillaries

5. Is This Treatment Effective?

Yes, this laser system is highly effective. Although IPL treatments are generally better suited to pigmentation concerns, PICO Genesis is unique among laser treatments because it can treat both pigmentation and textural concerns at once. This means it’s an ideal fit for those who have complex aesthetic concerns or who would like to combine their treatments into a single system.

Part of the reason this treatment is so effective for so many people is that it does not harm the surface of the skin. The thermal energy used for this laser treatment is powerful enough to heat the sub-dermal layers to stimulate the body’s natural regenerative abilities without removing skin cells like other laser treatments. This is why patients who have both pigmentation and textural concerns prefer this laser over IPL systems.

6. What Causes Pigmentation Concerns?

There are several possible causes for pigmentation concerns. Sometimes, genetic factors and your skin tone will determine how vulnerable you are to certain pigmentation, such as sun damage. But other times, pigmentation concerns can be caused by factors such as medications, sun exposure, hormones, or skin conditions.


Melasma is a skin condition that causes darker patches of the skin to develop, primarily on the cheeks. Melasma is commonly caused by hormonal changes, particularly in women who are pregnant or menopausal. Treating melasma can be challenging because affected skin cells tend to return even after they are treated.

Sun Damage

Damage from UV rays in the sun, which cause free radicals to affect the integrity of skin cells, is thought to cause about 90% of all skin aging. Damage from the sun can be difficult to reverse because sun damage from several years ago develops over time. Sun damage not only causes pigmentation concerns like dark spots but also causes skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Skin Conditions

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is essentially a dark spot that is caused by inflammation in the skin, most commonly from acne. While some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may fade by itself, some can leave permanent scars on the skin that can be difficult to cover up. If you have had chronic or severe acne, the marks from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can last for years untreated.

7. Who Are Good Candidates?

The candidates for this laser system will generally include anyone who has mild to moderate superficial concerns related to pigmentation or texture. This treatment is ideal for those who want to comprehensively treat the skin with long-lasting results. If you want to reduce age spots, correct pigmentation, smooth fine lines, or promote a brighter, more radiant skin tone, then this treatment is likely right for you.

Most people with any skin type and skin tone can use this treatment, even those who have sensitive skin. Sometimes this laser system is recommended for the treatment of medical skin conditions, like rosacea or acne. Your provider will be able to determine whether or not this treatment is a good fit for you during your consultation appointment. If you are pregnant or have certain skin conditions, you may not be approved for this treatment.

Perfect Your Skin With PICO Genesis Laser Treatments

Most people have multiple superficial skin concerns, but it’s hard to keep up with multiple treatments to address all of your aesthetic goals. For those who want to improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin, this laser treatment can be an ideal match for your skin concerns. Please contact Princeton Aesthetics in Princeton Junction, NJ to schedule your consultation with one of our skin experts today. Skin perfection is easy to achieve with the right advanced laser treatment.