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How Does truSculpt Id Work

How Does TruSculpt iD Work?

Losing weight takes time. Changes in diet and exercise routines take months to work, but they eventually get results. However, fat cells often stubbornly hang on in certain areas, particularly the belly, buttocks, thighs and neck. Now there is a way to melt the fat cells away from these resistant areas. Princeton Aesthetics in Princeton Junction, NJ uses TruSculpt iD treatment to melt fat away with no surgery or downtime.

How Does TruSculpt iD Work?

This cutting-edge procedure eliminates adipose tissue from areas where fat tends to stubbornly hang on despite good dietary habits and vigorous exercise routines. Often, despite months or years of effort to lose weight, we see results on the bathroom scale but fat cells remain in certain parts of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck or other areas. These sections of the body have a natural tendency to hang on to fat cells, often leading to years of frustration at eliminating unwanted bulges.

TruSculp iD ranks as one of the top proven treatments for destroying fat cells, and it is effective regardless of body type. It works through the utilization of non-invasive radiofrequency technology. Your healthcare provider targets the radio frequencies at the area that is retaining too much fat. The radio frequencies provide deep heat to the area, causing the fat cells to break down while not affecting other body tissues.

After the treatment, the body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells. As a result, over the weeks and months following the treatment, clients see fat-loss results that continually improve. Because the fat cells are eliminated, the weight loss is permanent, provided clients prevent new fat cell formation through healthy dietary and exercise habits.

TruSculpt iD Naturally Tightens Skin

One of the big disadvantages of many rapid weight loss treatments is loose skin. Because fat disappears from the body rapidly, the skin has no time to adjust to the thinner body. As a result, areas that carry large amounts of fat, such as the waistline or neck, are left with loose, overhanging skin. Loose skin is a frequent unwanted side effect of liposuction.

Clients who opt for radiofrequency sculpting need not worry about loose skin. As the fat cells break down, the skin tightens, so you are left with no unsightly skin that may require additional cosmetic procedures. Instead, you lose the fat while retaining the smooth and youthful appearance of your skin!

Radio Frequency Treatment

If you have dieted, followed the latest fat-busting exercise routines, cut your sugar and fat intake below recommended levels, and still struggle with stubborn fat clinging to your belly or other areas, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Princeton Aesthetics. Our specialists will review your case and use medical weight loss protocols to determine the cause behind your weight gain.

This diagnosis allows us to recommend the most effective treatment for each individual. Decisions about suitability for treatment involve an analysis of medical history and examination of the area where unwanted fat remains.

Treatment Day

Radiofrequency fat removal is performed on an outpatient basis. The treatment, including preparation, is completed in a little more than an hour. Because the process is pain-free, no anesthetic is required.

Using TruSculpt

During the treatment, your healthcare provider uses the TruSculpt iD handpiece to apply the radio frequencies directly to the desired area. The radiofrequency pulses painlessly penetrate the skin and deliver energy to the tissue beneath. Each pulse lasts for several minutes.

Clients feel a pleasant warming sensation. The level of heat can be adjusted according to the clients’ comfort level. Once the session is complete, clients can get back on their feet almost right away.


In most cases, clients can resume normal activities right away. Over the following one to three months, their bodies break down the fat, and they see the progress regularly both in the mirror and on the bathroom scale. Most treatment areas require just one procedure; however, large areas, such as the entire abdomen, many require multiple treatments.

Within just a few months, you will have the aesthetic look you’ve been dreaming about. Radiofrequency fat loss therapy is one of the best options for many patients, but if TruSculpt isn’t the right treatment for you, we can also offer EMSCULPT.


EMSCULPT uses electromagnetic pulses to painlessly penetrate the skin and sculpt the tissue underneath. EMSCULPT is recommended for those who have tried diet and exercise but gotten disappointing results for those regions.

So many of us work hard and succeed in losing weight, but stubborn fat cells continue to occupy our waistline, creating the hated “spare tire”. Fat also likes to hang in the buttocks, preventing us from attaining the shape and tone we desire, often despite trying every exercise known to mankind. EMSCULPT was developed specifically to address these concerns. EMSCULPT puts the finishing touches on your weight loss and body sculpting efforts.


The process starts with a consultation where your healthcare provider will determine if EMSCULPT is the right option for you. If EMSCULPT is chosen as your best treatment option, then you can be scheduled for an EMSCULP session, which is performed on an outpatient basis. The process, including preparation, takes little more than an hour.

Treatment Process

During the treatment, your EMSCULPT healthcare provider uses the EMSCULP handpiece to deliver electromagnetic pulses that stimulate supramaximal muscle contractions. The body’s natural response to the stimulation is to reconfigure the internal muscular structure. The result is the reduction of clinging fat and increased definition of the abdominal or buttock muscles.


Because EMSCULPT is noninvasive, there is no downtime. You can continue normal activities right away. Over the following weeks and months, you will see the results take place as your body slims and tones the treated area. Fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body and replaced by toned muscle. Many clients need just one session, though some need multiple sessions to eliminate large amounts of fat or tone large areas.

Keeping the Weight Off for Good

One of the great things about TruSculpt iD is that the fat cells are permanently eliminated. This means no worries about the fat returning, as it so often does for people who rely on crash diets. Crash diets don’t work because they put the body in starvation mode, which actually induces the body to hold on to those fat cells rather than eliminating them. With TruSculpt iD, the fat says off provided you do not put on new fat.

To avoid new fat, a sensible diet and exercise program is needed. A regular exercise program boosts metabolism and increases muscle tone, helping to prevent new fat cell formation. Here are some tips for keeping those fat cells from forming again.


In today’s world of processed foods, it’s more important than ever to track calories to make sure you don’t accidentally eat too many high-calorie foods. This happens easily when you eat processed foods, which often advertise themselves as “low fat.” To compensate, sugar and refined carbohydrates are often substituted.

Good quality fat and protein keep you feeling sated, which prevents hunger. When you eat empty refined carbs instead, you feel dissatisfied. Worse, many people then binge on high-calorie foods while their bodies are in starvation mode, leading to more fat cells.


Calories are not everything. Weight is also affected by the glycemic index (GI) of the foods we eat. High GI foods release their sugar content into the blood very quickly, causing the all too familiar “sugar rush.” To control blood sugar levels, the body responds by releasing insulin, which causes all the extra glucose to be stored as fat.

Low GI foods release their sugar slowly. As a result, sugar is never released in a rush that causes high insulin levels and subsequent fat storage. For these reasons, choosing low GI foods and keeping daily sugar intake below recommended levels is a key part of preventing the formation of new fat.

Increased Protein Intake

To keep weight off, it’s important to eat a proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. All are essential to health, but many people overindulge in high-carbohydrate foods, which causes weight gain. Reducing carbs and increasing protein helps prevent weight gain for several reasons.

Ounce for ounce, protein packs in fewer calories than carbohydrates. It also triggers the body’s satiety response, reducing hunger and the temptation to eat between meals. A diet of too many carbs often leaves us feeling hungry again just a few hours after eating, and this contributes to overeating and regaining fat. Small quantities of protein often stop hunger pangs.

In addition, protein is a key building block of muscle. A higher muscle content increases metabolism, helping keep weight gain at bay.

Avoiding Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are often the bane of the modern American diet. The most common carb you’re likely to run into is highly refined (think white and light as opposed to whole grain) and has a high GI index. Minimize carbohydrates entirely by making them a side to quality protein, fat, and vegetables instead of the main course. When you do eat them, stick to complex carbs like sweet potatoes, whole grains, and root vegetables.

Exercise Schedule for Weight Loss

Some of us love to exercise, while for others it is a chore. For those who are not exercise enthusiasts, the good news is that maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t require spending hours at the gym, biking everywhere you go or running a marathon. An exercise program should incorporate at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week. It’s important to be consistent so that the body remains accustomed to the exercise routine.

Weight training can also help prevent the formation of new fat. By building muscle tone, we increase metabolism and stimulate the body to produce muscle instead of fat!

The Time Is Now

No one ever benefitted from delaying a weight loss program. In fact, waiting usually means increased weight, resulting in a more difficult struggle to lose those extra pounds. It’s easy to start today. By exercising regularly, counting calories and limiting the intake of fat and sugar, you can start melting away those fat cells now.

However, often diet and exercise alone are insufficient to banish those fat cells from certain areas, particularly the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and neck. TruSculp iD provides the solution. It uses radiofrequency pulses to kill fat cells. After a short TruSculpt session, clients lose fat cells in the treated region naturally over the following weeks and months, all with no downtime.

If you are struggling to lose weight in a certain area, call Princeton Athletics in Princeton Junction, NJ to schedule a consultation and get the results you need.