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How Is Cutera Enlighten So Effective

How Is Cutera Enlighten So Effective?

Cutera enlighten is a one-stop treatment for several different skin concerns. Whether you want to address aging skin or have a tattoo you’re sick of, this treatment could be a good fit for you. Our team at Princeton Aesthetics in Princeton Junction, NJ, is here with some helpful information on this treatment so you can make the right call for your needs.

How Is Cutera Enlighten So Effective?

Pico Technology

The Pico Technology used by Cutera Enlighten is powerfully versatile. It utilizes multiple wavelengths to cover a wide range of issues. One of these wavelengths is the first of its kind, a true red picosecond wavelength. That means it can more effectively target unwanted red pigment, as well as other pigments depending on your needs.


In fewer than three sessions, this treatment can target and shatter unwanted pigment across the face, encouraging a more even skin tone. By triggering dermal disruption, it encourages the skin to revitalize itself for a healthy, youthful glow. It works on all skin types.

What Is It Used For?

Cutera Enlighten Can Be Used for Tattoo Removal

There are many reasons why someone may find themselves with a tattoo they no longer want. If you’re in that position, Cutera Enlighten may be the solution you’ve been looking for. The advanced laser technology this treatment applies is ideal for tattoo removal.

It offers an easier and more effective option when compared to many of the traditional tattoo removal treatments. This can save the patient time, effort, and frustration. It can handle even the toughest ink colors, and has the ability to fade them out in fewer treatments than some of the competition.

Comparing This Treatment to Alternative Tattoo Removal Options


The use of friction is a common method employed for tattoo removal. Dermabrasion uses friction to remove the uppermost layers of skin, which fades the tattoo as a result. Multiple treatments are commonly needed.

Dermabrasion often requires a lengthy recovery time, which can draw out the tattoo removal process. There is also a risk for swelling and infection if this treatment isn’t done carefully.


Salabrasion uses salt, water, and friction to get the job done. The skin is scrubbed for anywhere between 30 and 40 minutes per session, until the outer layers of the skin are stripped. The process is repeated until the tattoo completely fades out.

While it may eventually work, it is not a commonly recommended course of treatment. It can be pretty rough on the skin and may leave scarring.

Surgical Removal

Having the tattooed skin removed entirely is one way to get the job done. This surgical procedure will either require enough skin to stretch over the missing patch, or a skin graft.

DIY Creams

If you’ve found some tattoo removal creams for sale online, it might be tempting to give them a try and see if you can avoid professional treatment altogether. If being able to remove a tattoo at home sounds too good to be true, you’d be right about that. This can be a very risky thing to do when it comes to the lasting health of your skin.

Tattoo removal creams usually contain different acids, ingredients that really shouldn’t be applied without professional advice and supervision. Depending on where you source your creams, the ingredients may not even be safe or regulated. Sometimes these creams do nothing, while other times they may wreak permanent havoc on the skin by damaging or discoloring it. This leaves the individual in even worse shape than before, with a longer treatment ahead of them to correct the damage.

Seek Out the Care Your Skin Deserves

There’s no good reason to seek out riskier treatments when a safer, more effective treatment option exists. By seeking out professional help, you can have your tattoo removal done right the first time, and enjoy permanent, healthy results.

Tattoo Removal Benefits


A patient with an unwanted tattoo may find the tattoo embarrassing or just an annoyance. In other cases, a tattoo may be a daily, painful reminder.

Regardless of the “why,” people who don’t like the appearance of their tattoo may try to cover them up with layers of makeup, or clothing. For these people, having the tattoo removed entirely can help them feel more confident and comfortable in their skin.

Special Occasions

If you don’t like your tattoo, but have a special event like a wedding coming up, you may find yourself limiting your clothing options to try to hide the tattoo. We want you to be able to look back on your pictures with a smile. Scheduling your tattoo removal appointments ahead of time can mean you can focus on finding the perfect outfit and put the tattoo out of your mind.

Career Options

If you have a tattoo you’re self-conscious of, it may make you hesitate to go after that dream job. If you’re concerned about an unwanted tattoo standing in the way of your career of choice, it may be time to consider tattoo removal. It can be one less thing to worry about as you take the next step in your newest venture.

Moving On

Sometimes friends or couples will get matching tattoos, which can be a beautiful statement. However, if the friendship or relationship has ended, this tattoo may lose its appeal. Having the tattoo removed may help you feel like you can start over with a clear slate.

Cutera Enlighten Can Be Used for Other Skin Concerns Too

Aging Skin

There are a lot of skin resurfacing and revitalization treatments out there. That’s why Cutera has taken great pains to develop treatments that offer clinically proven results. The versatility of this treatment makes it easy to adjust for each patient’s needs and desires.

This proven treatment is a great way to encourage a more youthful skin tone, and smooth over the signs of aging skin.

Benign Pigmented Lesions

The term benign pigmented lesions stands for areas of the skin that are affected by different levels of melanin. It could affect large or small areas of the face, and it can range in color and appearance. It’s important to seek out the advice of a dermatologist when diagnosing benign pigmented lesions, to be absolutely sure they are, in fact, benign.

When you know the affected areas are safe to treat, this treatment can help break up that unwanted pigment. Common types of benign lesions may include:

  • Freckles
  • Sun damage
  • Melasma
  • Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Seborrhoeic keratoses

Acne Scars

Almost everyone has to deal with acne at some point, and many affected teenagers assume that once they reach adulthood, they’ll be left with beautiful, silky-smooth skin. Unfortunately, acne can leave its mark far into adulthood by way of acne scars.

One reason professional treatment for acne scars can be so helpful is by offering an effective solution, while also taking great care to protect the health of your skin. Rather than taking a risk on an unproven acne scar remedy, or wasting money going from one treatment to another, seeking out professional help can give you lasting results.

Enlarged Pores

There are several reasons your pores may be looking larger than before. Oil, dead skin, and other material can become lodged in our pores over time. Even if you have the best facial care regimen in the world, sometimes it can be hard to safely and properly exfoliate at home, which means there may be material trapped in your pores.

Skin laxity can also play a role. As skin begins to age, it loses some of the elasticity youthful skin is known for. When skin starts to sag as a result, it can stretch the pores and make them appear larger. This treatment can help tackle both possible causes, by resurfacing the skin and promoting more elastin and collagen levels.

Skin Texture and Quality Concerns

Speaking of elastin and collagen, they’re pretty important for healthy skin. Collagen is considered one of the “building blocks” of the skin, and elastin is a helpful factor in keeping our skin hydrated and supple. Think of a rubber band. When you stretch it and let go, it snaps back into place. That’s part of what elastin does for our skin.

As we age, elastin and collagen levels naturally decrease, but there are ways to boost them back up again. This gentle resurfacing process tells the body to create and send more elastin and collagen to the treated areas. This can produce lasting visual benefits.

Learn More About This Versatile Treatment

Whether you need a tattoo taken care of, or want to improve the appearance of your skin, our team is happy to work with you and help you find the right solution. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us at Princeton Aesthetics in Princeton Junction, NJ, today to schedule your consultation!