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What Can EMSCULPT in Princeton Do?


Some people seem to naturally build lean muscle with absolutely no effort at all. If you pay attention to those around you in the gym, you’ll find that the same training methods and the same amount of effort can produce dramatically different results from person to person. EMSCULPT is an amazing new technology that has helped to level the playing field. With this treatment, Princeton locals can achieve the tight, toned, and highly defined muscles that they’ve always wanted, and without having to undergo surgery. This is the perfect procedure for anyone with a frustrating trouble zone that’s proven consistently unresponsive to even the most targeted of toning exercises.

What EMSCULPT is and How It Works

When you build muscle naturally by lifting weights and by performing other challenging forms of exercise, you’re essentially creating countless micro-tears in your soft tissues. The natural response of the body to these exertion-related movements is to quickly rebuild the muscle while adding additional muscle tissue. The constant tearing down and rebuilding of existing tissues is how stronger and larger muscles are made. The voluntary contraction that you make while working out is the natural method of inducing new muscle development. In fact, in the past, it was the only way. Now, however, supramaximal contractions can be induced in targeted areas through the application of high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. This technology forces the muscles to rapidly contract without any conscious effort on the patient’s part. 

During treatment, the EMSCULPT appliance is placed directly on top of the targeted area to incite vigorous and rapid toning. The treatment process feels similar to a grueling workout, even though you’ll be relaxing in a comfortable position. As the muscles throughout the treatment area vigorously contract, local fat cells will be broken down and used for fuel. This leaves the treatment area both more toned and thinner-looking. In this way, EMSCULPT incites both new muscle development and ultra-rapid fat loss.

How EMSCULPT Can Help You Eliminate Your Unwanted Fat Stores

The super-fast and super-intense contractions that EMSCULPT incites cause nearby fat cells to be quickly metabolized. Fat loss with this treatment, however, is the result of both immediate and extended reactions from your body. While this rigorous activity will definitely help streamline the physique in the short-term, the rapid formation of new muscle tissues will additionally change the patient’s ongoing calorie requirements. Ultimately, the more new muscle that your procedure helps you build, the more calories your body will require in order to successfully and effectively support this tissue. This makes it much easier for patients to create calorie deficits on their own, even as it both expedites and enhances all other elements of their current fitness plans.

This Procedure Can Help You Overcome the Natural Limitations of Diet and Exercise

Maintaining a healthy diet and performing routine exercises are key for ensuring ongoing levels of good health. Unfortunately, however, natural forms of fat loss do not make it possible for people to streamline their physiques, alter their physical proportions, or spot reduce fat across any of the most common trouble zones. If you lose 10 pounds of your body weight by creating a calorie deficit via portion reduction and cardio training, this loss will be evenly distributed across your entire body. The very uniform nature of natural fat loss means that even though you’ll grow smaller by dropping pounds, the general shape and proportions of your physique will invariably remain unchanged. This is problematic if you’ve got a stubborn midsection or a large and low-hanging derriere.

These are problems that people have used liposuction and fat freezing procedures to overcome in the past. These popular body sculpting treatments can selectively reduce the fat in targeted areas to achieve a more visually impressive body overall. Unfortunately, liposuction requires one or more incisions. It also entails actual tissue removal and involves considerable downtime. This treatment comes with the risk of scarring and infection, and it additionally makes it necessary for patients to take considerable time away from work. While fat freezing procedures are less disruptive in this respect, these treatments only eliminate unwanted fat stores. They do not have any toning or bulking effect on the muscles, and although fat freezing can certainly slim the treatment areas, it will not make them look more uplifted or toned.

EMSCULPT can overcome the body’s natural limitations in other ways as well. It is not possible to get the targeted and incredibly rapid toning that this treatment provides by exercising on your own. The super-fast contractions incited by HIFEM cannot be replicated by any natural movements that people are capable of making and repeating. It will take weeks or even months to achieve what EMSCULPT is capable of accomplishing in mere minutes. Best of all, the results of this procedure can be easily and safely maintained via regular ongoing treatments. Most people are able to preserve most or all of their new muscle gains by receiving maintenance treatments as needed.

EMSCULPT is Unlike Any Other Body Sculpting Procedure

This treatment is currently one of the safest and most natural ways to improve your muscle mass, increase your muscle definition and tone, and generate targeted fat loss. It greatly enhances the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet and a structured exercise regimen. More importantly, it does not entail any downtime, tissue removal, or incisions. There is no risk of scarring, no special aftercare, and no need to take extended periods of time off from work. You can look like you’ve worked for and earned the body of your dreams. In reality, however, your new muscles will be built for you while you relax and simply wait out the duration of your procedure. With that being said, the best results are achieved in conjunction with following a healthy diet and exercise plan.

How Many Procedures are Needed?

The number of treatments required generally depends upon the individual’s current physical condition and overall treatment goals. The location for targeted toning is worthy of consideration as well. Some areas of the body are slightly more responsive to the contractions that HIFEM induces. In most cases, it will take a series of procedures to see noticeable improvements in muscle mass and definition at the buttocks and across the abs. 

Enjoy the Benefits of a Natural and Non-Invasive Butt Lift 

In many circles, a round and lifted derriere is something to be desired. This is why an increasing number of people are paying for fat transfer procedures and other butt lift and butt enhancement surgeries that are designed to create a more curvaceous and voluptuous appearance. EMSCULPT is an amazingly effective, non-invasive alternative to traditional butt lift and enhancement surgeries. Instead of inserting implants, or making incisions and then repositioning existing fat, this treatment merely makes use of the natural structures and tissues that are already present. Through the application of advanced HIFEM technologies, the buttocks will rapidly become firmer and more toned. After a series of quick and easy treatments, you could look like you’ve spent countless hours in the gym, doing numberless lunges and squats while maintaining perfect form. You’ll get the outcome that you want without having to work yourself to the point of agony and exhaustion. Best of all, EMSCULPT treatments performed on the buttocks are sometimes able to eliminate excess fat as well. 

How Long Do the Results of EMSCULPT Last?

The results of these procedures are not really permanent. In certain cases, patients can expect their newly gained muscle mass to begin decreasing within months, especially if they are not careful to live a healthy lifestyle. The same physical effort that’s responsible for creating these tissues must be exerted in order to maintain them. Without HIFEM technologies, this is impossible. This is because a single, 30-minute session with this appliance can be the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats or abdominal crunches in an equal amount of time. The good news is that it is safe to repeat this procedure as needed. By carefully planning your sessions and by maintaining a diligent workout routine in between them, you may be able to consistently maintain a ripped and lean look for years.

Who is a Good Candidate for These Treatments?

Like all other body sculpting procedures, EMSCULPT is not meant to take the place of a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan. Instead, it is intended to expedite and enhance the benefits of these essential fat loss and body sculpting activities. As such, the best candidates for this treatment are already at their ideal body weights or near them. Patients who maintain healthy life habits ahead of their procedures often get the best outcomes.

Is EMSCULPT the Right Body Sculpting Procedure for You?

Unlike other body sculpting procedures such as fat freezing and liposuction, EMSCULPT is not designed to directly target unwanted fat stores. This treatment neither freezes fat cells to the point of crystallization nor physically removes them. Instead, it is designed to simply enhance and improve the appearance of the physical features that already exist, and to expedite natural fat loss. By applying highly intense and highly targeted toning impulses to select muscle groups, this treatment can effectively streamline the physique and improve overall physical proportions. Princeton locals can use this treatment to elevate and tone the buttocks and slim and tone their abdomens.

To see what this treatment can do for you, book an appointment at Princeton Aesthetics in Princeton Junction, NJ. We would be more than happy to evaluate your case and tell you whether or not this treatment can help you achieve your goals for your figure. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!